Wing Venture Capital Announces the Second Annual Enterprise Tech 30

Early-Stage: Clearbit, Finix, FortressIQ, LogDNA, Modern Treasury, Notion, productboard, Retool, Sketch, Zapier

Mid-Stage: Benchling, Domino Data Lab, Figma, Fivetran, Front, Ironclad, LaunchDarkly, Netlify, Verkada, Webflow

Late-Stage: Airtable, Carta, Confluent, Databricks, GitLab, Gusto, HashiCorp, Segment, Snowflake, Stripe

The methodology has two phases: 1) a research phase, to identify the universe of potentially interesting candidates at three different stages of development, and 2) a voting phase, to tap into the judgment of the venture capitalists to determine the leaders.

The companies are categorized by total capital raised. Early-stage includes companies that have raised $25 million or less; mid-stage includes between $25 million to $100 million; and late-stage includes $100 million or more.

“The mission of the Enterprise Tech 30 is to provide the tech industry a unique platform to identify the most promising companies in enterprise technology,” said Peter Wagner, Founding Partner at Wing Venture Capital. “The process combines fundamental research with curated voting to capture the discernment of the leading venture capitalists in the sector.”

“The venture capitalist participants are 96 partners at 72 venture capital firms, who have collectively invested in 153 of the 178 enterprise tech exits and financings valued at $1 billion or greater since 2016,” said Rajeev Chand, Partner and Head of Research at Wing Venture Capital. “We wish to congratulate the Enterprise Tech 30 companies for 2020.”

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About Wing Venture Capital

Founded in 2013, Wing Venture Capital is the best-of-breed venture capital firm devoted to early-stage, long-term company building in technology for business. Wing emphasizes craftsmanship over volume and engages deeply with founders to help them create companies that matter. The body of work of Wing’s award-winning team spans more than two decades and dozens of successful early-stage companies, 20 of which have gone on to achieve billion-dollar-plus outcomes following IPOs or acquisitions.

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