WealthTech Receives Investment from Broadhaven

NEW YORK–()–Wealth Technologies Inc. (WealthTech®), the leading provider of algorithmic financial planning and advice, announced today that Broadhaven has made an investment in the company.

“WealthTech has made conceptual breakthroughs in providing financial advice to large, diverse segments of the population,” said Greg Phillips, Co-Founder of Broadhaven and WealthTech investor. “Their highly experienced and accomplished team has developed intelligent, algorithmic solutions that address both the scalability and economics of the business model that could profoundly impact how personal financial services will be delivered in the future.”

Since its founding in 2016, WealthTech has developed the technology to generate professional financial planning and advice for individuals regardless of their level of wealth, and solutions to deliver this advice in a timely manner through both mobile applications and human-advised businesses. WealthTech’s flagship product, fGPS™ (Financial Goal Positioning System™), is a comprehensive system that generates turn-by-turn advice and decision support with respect to cash flow, asset allocation, and investment risk, all in the context of financial goals. In 2018, WealthTech also launched the Customized Investment Manager (CIM), a set of trading tools designed to help investment advisors customize and automate the delivery of their products. In less than a year since its release, CIM is helping one partner to provide monthly guidance to over 200,000 individuals.

“Broadhaven’s unique network and perspectives on the future of financial services are a significant and welcome addition to our team’s expertise as we look to build customer networks and partner with product providers to scale our business,” said Rohit D’Souza, co-founder of WealthTech.

About Broadhaven

Broadhaven is an independent merchant bank advising and investing in financial services. Since 2010, Broadhaven has advised on over $40 billion in announced M&A transactions. Broadhaven invests in early-stage companies at the intersection of financial services and technology, and creates value through long-term partnerships with exceptional companies and management teams.

About WealthTech

Wealth Technologies Inc. is a B2B provider of algorithms and quantitative analyses for digital wealth management businesses. WealthTech uses advanced analytics and machine learning to generate personalized financial plans and continuous guidance toward multiple financial goals. WealthTech was founded in 2016 by a team of leading technologists, investment and finance professionals and is headquartered in New York. For more information, visit www.WealthTech.com


This material has been prepared by Wealth Technologies Inc. for information purposes only and it should not be regarded as an offer to provide investment advice without the approval of a licensed and registered investment advisor or certified financial planner.

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