Tropicfeel Returns to Kickstarter with its Versatile Travel Shoe

BARCELONA, Spain, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —

Tropicfeel, creators of the ultimate travel sneaker that became the most-funded footwear in crowdfunding history, has launched its second product on Kickstarter, and it’s on track to surpass last year’s record having already raised over $1.5 Million

The Tropicfeel Canyon are an-all terrain sneaker designed to be the only shoe you need to pack in your next adventure. Versatile, comfortable and sustainably made they can be worn in the outdoors and for everyday active lifestyles. This multi-functional travel sneaker offer over 10 unique features, including new patented ones, and are available in 5 colours.

“Selling over 60,000 pairs in over 160 countries was a big achievement for our first product being crowdfunded, particularly when there were only two people working. A dream come true”, said Tropicfeel CEO & Founder Alberto Espinós. “We then asked our backers what they wanted us to create next. They asked as to create another sneaker, and their top three characteristics where lightweight, slip-on and comfort, and to be made in a sustainable way. We were then set with a great challenge to create an even better version for ourselves and the planet.”

After a year of research and development, and partnering with experienced partners like Cosmo, Bloom and Ariaprene, the Tropicfeel Canyon have been designed with innovative and premium materials to be more water friendly, durable, slip resistant and lightweight to provide travellers with maximum comfort in any terrain. They dry quickly with an innovative in-drainage that clears out water; super comfortable with a Dual Cushion™ Outsole;  SprintLaces™with a knot-stopping tightening mechanism; and a Slip Sock™ construction. The shoes are also more sustainable with the use of recycled plastic bottles and algae bloom in the insole and outsole.

Tropicfeel enjoyed a multi-million-dollar crowdfunding campaign in 2018 with Monsoon, their first travel shoe, raising $2.4 on Kickstarter and $1,4 Million on Indiegogo shortly after.

For more information and to order at early-bird discounts during crowdfunding, visit the Tropicfeel Ultimate Travel Shoe 2.0 campaign page on Kickstarter.

About Tropicfeel

The Tropic Feel SL is a Barcelona-based start-up focused on developing the world’s best travel gear, and is founded by Alberto Espinós. Tropicfeel was born to meet the needs of modern travellers with multi-functional products, allowing people to focus more on getting outside and less on packing the right gear.

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