The Blinc Group successfully closes first financing round

NEW YORK, Oct. 18, 2017 — The Blinc Group, a distribution-centric vapor and cannabis incubator, successfully closed its first financing round. With an infusion of US-based private capital, The Blinc Group intends to deploy these funds in day-to-day operations including operations, marketing, business development and lobbying.

Successful transactions closed as the result of active and consistent fundraising efforts by The Blinc Group. The company attracted the advisory support of several international groups.

Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Chief Strategy Officer of The Blinc Group, said “Securing this initial round of funding allows us to further establish The Blinc Group’s leadership in the vapor and cannabis industries and has the added benefit of expanding our board. Along with our eight current members, this round completes the first milestone in The Blinc Group’s expansion strategy.”

In order to capitalize on the upward momentum for the incubator, The Blinc Group will channel a significant part of the financing into expanding their international distribution partnerships, as well as developing research assets and white papers to further assist member companies in their go-to market strategies.

About The Blinc Group

The Blinc Group is a first-of-its-kind adoption and distribution-centric incubator led by a connected group of top vapor and cannabis industry experts. We create a fostering environment for the launch, expansion and funding of vapor and cannabis products.

Our mission is to build quality brands and products that innovate the face of retailers, dispensaries, head shops, and vape shops across the globe. We are invested in informing and improving public health through driving innovation and fostering rewarding consumer experiences.

We deliver full cycle support to start-ups and entrepreneurs through tailored branding, marketing, sales and engagement programs rooted in data and proprietary research. We leverage our collective expertise and network to position member companies as thought leaders in their respective industry segment and develop a foundation for scaling through the largest distribution channels in the American, European, and Asian markets.


Contact: Arnaud Dumas de Rauly
The Blinc Group
+1 (646) 586-2067

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