Taurus Group Commits to Invest €20 Million in Solulever Over the Next 5 Years

SCHIPHOL-RIJK, Netherlands, Feb. 24, 2020 —  Taurus Group today announced that it has committed investments in Solulever B.V. to the tune of €20 million over the next 5 years. Solulever will leverage these investments for developing and implementing its differentiated digital manufacturing solutions, with its initial set of customers.

Solulever solutions are aimed at providing digital impetus to continuous improvement  programs  for batch and process manufacturing industries. The solutions are based on Industry 4.0 thinking and offer comprehensive capability using Hybrid (Edge and Cloud) architecture, for manufacturing process digitization and real-time analytics. As part of the contract, Solulever will utilize its competency teams based at Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands and Noida, India.

“Over the last 15 years, Taurus Group has continuously expanded the group’s footprint into newer markets and domains. Today, our portfolio companies cover the whole range of data lineage, spanning cutting-edge storage and compute infrastructure space, including high-performance compute, open compute and edge compute domains. Investment in Solulever will help Taurus group evolve into the business solutions space. With the fast adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions, we see huge opportunity in the European manufacturing industry. We share the belief of Solulever in the hybrid architecture philosophy. We are confident that Solulever business solutions, together with our existing competency in edge computing and high-performance computing, positions us uniquely to address this space,” says Arun Garg, Managing Director at Taurus Group.

Jitesh Kohli, CEO at Solulever says: “Solulever brings a unique plant-level digitization platform, with comprehensive integration capabilities and a set of modular digital solutions, that are specifically built for batch & process manufacturing industries. Solulever is committed to delivering successful digital transformation programs, focused on manufacturing operations. Our solutions are aimed at reducing the risk of failure and increasing the speed of value realization of such programs.

“This agreement with Taurus group boosts our ability to invest in our customers. We value the efforts and commitment of our seed customers in jointly working with us and co-creating industry’s best solutions. In return, these digital solutions will bring significant competitive advantage to our customers, by delivering unprecedented bottom-line improvements.”

Rajat Sabharwal, CTO at Solulever says: “Solulever’s raison d’être is to empower decision-making across the entire manufacturing process, through actionable data and insights. Themes like OEE Improvement, operator efficiency, QC automation, QC analytics, real time corrective intervention mechanisms, early warning systems are at the heart of our solutions portfolio. We enable these themes by an ‘analytics first’ approach and a carefully curated hybrid architecture, between Edge and Cloud.

“Our Edge based analytics installations are kept close to the point of consumption, to render real time aid in decision making for plant level stakeholders. At the same time, the periodic benchmarking and dashboarding for strategic decision making, that do not necessitate stringent response times and performance, are enabled over cloud. This gives our customers the freedom to harness a hybrid environment on functional-fit basis, while adequately addressing TCO, latency, security, connectivity, data ownership concerns.”

About Taurus

Headquartered in The Netherlands, Taurus Group is an European leader in cutting-edge storage and compute infrastructure space. Some of the infrastructure domains it specializes in include high-performance compute, open compute and edge compute technologies. Taurus Group has its offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Visit us at www.tauruseurope.com

About Solulever

Headquartered in The Netherlands, with offices in India and The Netherlands, Solulever is an technology solutions company focused on Manufacturing Operations Transformation for process and batch manufacturing industries. These solutions provide digital impetus to continuous improvement  programs  for the manufacturers. Solulever’s solutions are based on Industry 4.0 thinking and use a mix of IoT, OT, Hybrid (Edge and Cloud), Big Data, Stream Analytics, and Advanced Analytics technologies to offer comprehensive capability for manufacturing operations transformation.

Visit us at www.solulever.com

SOURCE Solulever B.V.

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