Real Estate Investment Disruptor ‘Everyday Capital LLC’ Announces Seed Round Going Live Via for Accredited Investors

NEW YORK, Aug. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Delaware-based Everyday Capital LLC ( recently opened an investment seed round into its diversified offering of real estate notes and assets. Everyday Capital, LLC is gathering a real estate investment fund designed to uniquely stand out from traditional models, by offering investments that have a social impact while hedging the ebbs and flows of the real estate market.  The largest competitive advantage Everyday Capital, LLC has is its ability to continuous find off market deeply discounted properties through a large database of sponsor relationships.

Utilizing the homogenizing power of crowd sourcing, Everyday Capital LLC offers a major real estate investment avenue for the average investor. In a rare opportunity, those with modest capital to spend can be a part of an exciting new real estate investment company, participating in redevelopment projects in strategic cities and are overseen by experienced and professional handlers that have a past record of double digit returns for its investors.

Originating Commercial Real Estate Loans for Experienced Sponsors and Developers

Part of Everyday Capital’s overall strategy in lending to such seasoned and knowledgeable sponsors mitigates the risk that most investors face: dealing with those who have a distinct lack of experience in the field. Everyday Capital, LLC is managed by the owner of the largest Real Estate Investor Association in New York state, with working relationships in chapters located in New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Its educational programs are headed up by LIREIA and the “Mentoring Masterminds Apprentice Program” and was established in 2008. ( are educated real estate investors whose business model involves locating opportunities that can be purchased off market for a discount improved and sold for a profit.

Buy-and-Hold Real Estate Portfolio

“The buy and hold strategy is designed to hedge against inflation and a market correction which we will be experiencing shortly” says Michael Mulholland Director of Risk Manager of Everyday Capital, LLC.   Identifying and purchasing real estate assets that will provide positive cash flow reduces crime and increases tax revenues for the counties involved. Investors can capture the benefits of strong cash flow and forced equity through such efficient property management and renovation plans.

Overall Strategy

With localized expertise, diversification of holdings, as well as hands-on experience, the management team provides the potential for the fund to deliver more stabilized returns for its investors. This is achieved by diversifying the fund into two separate strategies:

  • Originating real estate loans for immediate cash flow to experienced qualified sponsors
  • Joint Venturing for ownership of development projects specifically for the $5 Million to $20 Million-dollar projects. There currently is a niche for this type of funding which allows us to provide equity ownership, so sponsors can focus on acquiring multiple discounted projects without constantly have to raise capital for each specific project.

Everyday Capital LLC investment projects are designed with the intent of improving the quality of lives for all.  They work with for profit and not for profit organizations, with focus on improving communities by providing employment, improved property values and tax revenue. Additionally, Everyday Capital plans to open a Regulation A+ offering with the proceeds of this capital raise so that Everyone can invest in larger real estate transactions not just the wealthy.  Their investment fund’s motive is not just to generate returns, but to make a lasting difference in the lives of others.

“In the last 80 years, investment products were only offered to the super-wealthy; especially when it came to real estate. The Securities Act of 1934 prohibited the common person from investing in real estate or large transactions. Now, crowd-funding is allowing everyday people to take advantage of these kinds of deals — and that has just become a game changer,” said CEO of Everyday Capital, Melissa J. Shea.

About Everyday Capital LLC

Everyday Capital LLC is based in Delaware and was recently formed for the purpose of raising and managing capital for deployment into originated real estate secured notes and real estate assets. Everyday Capital is managed by Clear the Way, Inc., which has been successfully operating since 2010 as a New York State corporation and has a past track record of 17.28% APR for their fund. Everyday Capital maintains working relationships with local and national operators who have successful track records in both lending and real estate holdings. Learn more at:


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