Pangolin by TeamRed Labs Makes Cybersecurity More Accessible

People want to keep their families safe, but the digital threats that their loved ones face evolve every day. This is especially true in the case of smart devices that have made life more convenient for all. Thanks to malware, and a general lack of built-in security features in many smart devices, homes and businesses are exposed to savvy cybercriminals. That is why TeamRed Labs built Pangolin.

Pangolin is an edge security device that plugs directly to the user’s router and shields all devices within their network from prying eyes. It scans both internal and external network connections for suspicious activity, and instantly blocks it and notifies the user via an easy-to-use mobile app. It is a true plug and play device: all users have to do is connect it to their router and register the device on their app. The protection starts instantly.

“The core belief that drives our team is that people deserve accessible protection from the widening spectrum of digital threats,” shares Miko Tan, Founder and CEO of TeamRed Labs Inc. “We understand that not everyone is a security expert and most people don’t have the time to worry about monitoring their networks, which is why we want to help people easily protect themselves while also becoming more aware of the dangers that can affect them.”

Pangolin is not just an intrusion detection and prevention system. It comes with parental controls that allow the user to set internet break times and block inappropriate content on a per-device basis. It also comes with simple bandwidth controls, which allow users to prioritize bandwidth to the devices that need it most: gaming PCs and consoles, streaming devices, and more. Additionally, its built-in anti buffer bloat technology ensures that lag spikes during gaming sessions are minimized.

“Protection is one thing, but we also wanted to give users the ability to have complete control of their networks,” says William Chiu, Co-founder and CTO. “With Pangolin, people can control their networks, devices, and bandwidth with the swipe of a finger. With Pangolin, we no longer have to compromise between safety on the Internet and an efficient network.”

The Kickstarter campaign for Pangolin begins on October 9, 2019.

SOURCE TeamRed Labs Inc

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