Houston Energy Investor Dr. Simon Kukes Increases Holdings In Ring Energy, Inc.

Dr. Kukes, through his personal investment company, SK Energy LLC, has partnered with American Resources, Inc. to evaluate and pursue different options to enhance Ring Energy’s shareholder value, as they believe that Ring Energy’s shares are undervalued.

Dr. Simon Kukes is a globally-renowned consultant for oil and gas businesses in both the United States and Russia. He has held various positions over the years, including the principal of his personal investment company, SK Energy LLC, since April 2013. Kukes boasts several awards and achievements over his lifespan and his commitment to the oil and gas industry has inspired him to publish more than 60 scientific papers and two books on the oil and gas industry of Russia and the United States. Kukes is also the holder of more than 130 patents, primarily in Oil and Petrochemical Processing.

Founded in 2012, Ring Energy is a Midland, Texas-based oil and gas exploration, development and production company with current operations in the Permian Basin of West Texas and is recognized as the top producing oil basin in North America.

SOURCE Dr. Simon Kukes

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