HeyTutor Raises $1M in Series A Deal with ScOp Venture Capital

“It’s hard to find a qualified tutor. As school systems consistently adapt and become more competitive, great tutors are becoming more and more scarce. Large tutoring agencies are now pushing out online tutoring to avoid the complexities in establishing a local match. There is a massive need for a trusted tutoring marketplace that can provide in-home tutoring,” says Lucci.

“As the gig economy continues to grow, sites like AirBnB and Upwork continuously prove that individuals want the freedom and power to work on their terms with flexibility. We created HeyTutor to give the power back to our educators. Tutors can pick and choose exactly what jobs they are interested in, negotiate a set hourly rate, and management all billing and payments seamlessly. We currently offer opportunities, for over 250 subjects, in over 100 cities throughout the US,” says Neman.

After a few years of fighting to make the student-tutor connections, HeyTutor realized that many of their customer’s problems could be solved with a tech solution. Parents didn’t want to put in the hours of due diligence to reach out to tutors, vet them, and see if they could work with their child’s schedule, and tutors didn’t have a great way of finding reliable jobs.

The HeyTutor platform solves inefficiencies on the tutor side in the marketplace by allowing tutors to create an account and set their preferences on subjects and schedules for tutoring. The tutors are then pre-screened for quality, and if they pass, they are notified of all new jobs that meet their criteria. The goal is to have the best system for tutors to find jobs, communicate with their students, optimize their schedules, obtain additional teaching resources, and get paid in a timely manner. Tutors want to be on HeyTutor.

The value to the students is clear. Find a high-quality tutor that comes to you and works with your schedule in minutes.

HeyTutor has secured a $1M seed investment from ScOp Venture Capital to help them expand the business, scale the technology, and grow the team. ScOp Venture Capital is a venture capital firm located in Southern California that focuses on pre-growth technology companies. It was formerly O’Connor Ventures and was founded by Kevin O’Connor (founder of DoubleClick, early investor in Procore). “I know from direct experience just how inefficient the tutoring industry is. The industry is highly fragmented, extremely large, inefficient and sorely lacking in technology. We believe HeyTutor has developed the leading tutoring marketplace helping to better satisfy the needs of students, parents and tutors. We are excited to help the HeyTutor team rapidly scale their business.”


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