Exclusive Cross Border Investment Summit hosted by Former Mexico President & CerraCap Ventures

This 2-day, invitation-only, immersive event was for a very select few family offices across the US and Mexico. In a private setting and serene backdrop of the Hacienda San Cristobal, these investors had the opportunity to develop cross-border technology investment networks, syndicate cross-border deals and share best practices in deal evaluations and due diligence. The attendees, hand selected by the organizers especially for this event, represented a diverse array of personalities, including CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations to new startups, and with fields of expertise ranging as wide as renewable energy, real estate, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

The event was kicked off with a keynote from President Fox, who celebrated the strong, centuries-long relationship between the US and Mexico, both in culture and trade. The countries have gained much from each other, and he hoped that conferences like these will continue to foster the strong relationship between the two great nations, as well as help identify new opportunities and grow new partnerships. 

President Fox moderated the first panel discussion, which featured a lively discussion, with topics ranging from navigating the current geo-political landscape, to risk taking and investing philosophies. Other panel discussion topics included strategies for investing in Latam, the current US investment landscape, as well as scaling companies. Panel discussions were lively, with lots of audience participation.

Saurabh Ranjan, the CEO of CerraCap, said that he was very pleased with the success of the event. “We are proud to be associated with Centro Fox, and the center of excellence spearheaded by President Vicente and Mrs. Fox. An event like this strikes the correct balance between the new and the old, and the large and the small, which is what you need to cut through the mundane and truly come up with innovative new ideas.”

About XITE 

XITE is a cross-border event to aid investors come together to gain opportunities in investments, technology and Entrepreneurship. It is held yearly with the goal of facilitating cross border technology investment networks, syndicate cross border deals and share best practices in deal evaluations and due diligence.

About Centro Fox
Centro Fox is the presidential library of Vicente Fox Quesada, who served as the 55th President of Mexico. It is a center of leadership, a think tank, and an academic institution. It is located in his home estate in Guanajuato, Mexico. It is Mexico’s first presidential library which preserves records, personal documents and a varied collection of gifts from his presidency. The Center and the Library are open to the public.

About CerraCap Ventures
CerraCap Ventures empowers high growth innovative companies (start-ups) by bringing sales from the Fortune 500 companies. Their activities cover three main industry sectors: Healthcare, AI and Cybersecurity. They are headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA.

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