Emu Technology Completes $5M Series A-2 Funding Round

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2017 — Emu Technology today announced that it has completed its series A-2 funding round, raising over $5M from a mix of new and previous investors. Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation joins previous investors Blu Ventures and IrishAngels in this round focused on scaling adoption of the migratory thread technology for data intensive Big Data analytics.

The Emu system addresses intractable Exascale challenges in a truly innovative way. We are unique in addressing data movement as the key contributor to bottlenecks. We simply don’t move the data. We move the compute process which is much lighter weight TO the data and calculate there.

“We are thrilled to support Emu Technology’s growth and innovation as it is both unique and disruptive for the data intensive computing platforms,” said an executive from Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation. “So when we find a way by which the world’s largest platform can work with one of the most disruptive technologies and these two pieces come together, we find that to be a highly transformative and powerful way to innovate.”

“Emu will use this funding to accelerate availability and tuning of critical software, including Open MP, Python and Caffe, through investment of our own resources and by making Emu systems available to algorithm, middleware and application developers,” said Martin Deneroff, Chief Operating Officer Emu Technology. “At the same time, we will fund our next generation hardware development initiative focused on large system scaling coupled with deployable low energy designs. Beginning immediately, we are investing in a significant ramp in software and hardware developer hiring in in New York City, New York and in South Bend, Indiana.”

Previous funding was used to successfully complete the design and commercial manufacture of the Emu Chick, which is now generally available for data intensive Big Data analytics applications in government and enterprise environments. The Emu Chick is built and proudly delivered by Plexus manufacturing in Neehah, WI. The Emu team has also completed software development efforts to support industry standard Centos 7.3, Cilk, C++, CilkPlus and GMP library.

The Emu Chick is a 256 core computer tower system that operates from 120 VAC power and requires no special computer room infrastructure. It provides sufficient memory and storage for many common Data Analytics applications such as graph analysis, cybersecurity, non-obvious relationship analysis and semi-supervised machine learning. It is completely software compatible with larger Emu1 systems.

About Emu Technology. Emu Technology is the leader for data intensive, real-time Big Data computing, combining finely grained parallelism with in-Memory computing and migration of compute context to data. The result is greater scale, greater efficiency and lower energy required to deliver high fidelity insights in less time.

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