Costanoa Ventures Closes Oversubscribed Opportunity Fund

PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Costanoa Ventures, a boutique venture capital firm focused on early-stage technology startups solving real-world business problems, today announced it has closed its Opportunity Fund. The $75 million fund comes on the heels of Fund III, which closed in September 2017 and brings the total capital under management just under $600 million.

“We pride ourselves on being a part of the new vanguard of boutique firms that are changing venture capital as we know it,” said Greg Sands, Founder and Managing Partner of Costanoa Ventures. “The investments we make into our portfolio go way beyond money — both our Investment and Operating Teams partner with founders to create the right foundation for  long-term success. Building great companies takes more than just capital.”

Over the course of its nearly seven-year history, Costanoa Ventures’ investments have primarily focused on early-stage startups and entrepreneurs who have ideas that change how business gets done in categories such as: AI-driven SaaS applications, data and AI infrastructure, software for autonomy, DevOps and cybersecurity.

“It is rare for a Series A boutique firm to be able to offer their breakout companies significant follow-on funding to fuel continued growth and success. This is another example of our unique approach to company-building and how our value proposition is distinct for early stage boutique firms,” said Sands.  

Similarly, unlike many early-stage VC firms, Costanoa also brings specialized expertise to its portfolio companies with its deeply experienced go-to-market executive team–including a full-time Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Talent Officer–that work alongside companies to help them achieve Product Market Fit and build sales and marketing to grow faster and more efficiently.

About Costanoa Ventures

Costanoa Ventures backs tenacious and thoughtful founders who change how business gets done. Costanoa seeks to be a long-term partner to entrepreneurs building durable companies leveraging data to solve complex business problems. For more information, please visit

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