Aucnet Makes Capital Investment in Phobio

TOKYO–()–Aucnet Inc. (TOKYO:3964) whose auction platform powers businesses-to-business sales worldwide, has made a capital investment in Phobio, LLC provider of an industry-leading omni-channel platform for device trade-in.

Founded in 2010 with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Phobio is focused on the development and operation of trade-in programs that enable the buyback of smartphones, tablets, computers, and wearables with software and services that delight customers and drive growth. Phobio’s versatile platform and system-development capabilities enable uniquely user-friendly customer experiences, and provide high-performance trade-in programs for major mobile brands, carriers and retailers in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

With this investment, Aucnet’s auction platform combines with Phobio’s trade-in platform, to achieve a seamless integration of the intake, processing and resale of digital devices worldwide. Devices received through Phobio’s trade-in platform are inspected and graded according to rigorous standards ensuring the reliability of every product for resale on Aucnet’s auction platform. Phobio’s proprietary device inspection software and procedures ensure consistent device-grading standards are being implemented at Aucnet’s digital device processing facility in Austin, Texas. Both this facility and partnership of platforms are aggressive initiatives to fulfill the increasing global demand for second-hand smartphones and PCs.

More than 500 companies worldwide including telecommunication carriers and mobile phone manufacturers participate in Aucnet’s online auctions for used PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other home electronics. Aucnet’s auctions rapidly sell products at competitive prices, which in turn allows Phobio to provide more value to trade-in customers. This symbiotic cycle fuels the intake of second-hand devices to meet global market demand and promotes device upgrades so telecommunication carriers’ customers can get the most from the devices and networks available to them.

This partnership of trade-in and auction platforms enables global demand for smartphones to motivate mobile device sales and upgrades.

About Aucnet
Aucnet Inc., based in Minato-ku, Tokyo is an information distribution support service provider, whose proprietary global auction platform leverages standardized and reliable product information in sale of vehicles, luxury items, mobile phones and computer equipment worldwide.

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About Phobio
Phobio, LLC, based in Atlanta, Georgia is a leading provider of omni-channel trade-in programs for carriers, manufacturers and retailers in North America.
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